The first fish jumped up out of the water. The fish was quickly followed by a second fish. A third fish appeared from the dark silent waters of the sea. Then the moon began to shine and the grass grew. UFOs appeared where the sky covered the earth for the first time. Water flowed before the nine fishes that appeared and a war between good and evil broke out. The nine fish chose the side of their wish. The first war broke out on the newly created sea. A pirate was there.

On the newly created sea, the pirate longbaard bloodsteek was surfing on the web and talking to his parrot Archibald. He searched online for the girl with the black top. She was the love of his life but they were separated from each other by the will of the nine fishes who had just made everything. As he typed, the salty tears fell on his keyboard and he mumbled about betrayal, certainty, jealousy, greed, irritation, mission creep, recklessness, drama and justification. Archibald cleaned his beak and looked at the pictures of girls in black tops that scrolled past. Then he said "What do you want to do ?, those fish have something in their head, you will not convince them to let you meet her." Langbaard replied "That can be true, but I will keep trying until this world is compressed with all the gravity and strength of the situation."

At that moment Archibald saw movement on the horizon. A gigantic wave was rushing to them while the sea was as smooth as a mirror. "There you will have it!" shouted Archibald "They are coming!". He dived into the ship's hold. A second after that moment an email appeared in longbeard's inbox. It was a mail from the woman of his heart. The girl with the black top. She was so named because she always wore a black top. She ensured that her diaphragm was always naked because it looked attractive. The mail she sent to Langbaard, whom she loved because he had a boat to fight a shark that perhaps thought it was necessary to eat pirates, parrots and tasty girls with bared midriff, had the following message:


From: Girl with the black tank top [mailto:] Sent: First day, First month, 0:00:02 To: Longbaard bloodsteek Subject: A personal god and an immortal life are fictions (Archived on 0000-00-00: 00:45)

Conclusion: A personal god and an immortal life are fiction. That is what he would do to you and if some of the men of war would come after you "than Vehan (port city) is the only place I know" and you better avoid that city. This saddened me and you loaned a gold watch for sixteen seconds shortly before eternity. I had the privilege of being allowed to throw a heavenly glow over the present world. You and the others climbed out and landed on the floor like a group of friends. The large yellow-eyed girls failed to kill you. You went from a man with yellow eyes to someone who had a pretty good hat on. You did not tell me to be better than a suicide and a murderer. "You will be the beginning of wisdom, going away from evil will be your advice, it brought me poverty and from there to this unfortunate place" When the money started, my love became extreme. The good communal function of the world was an accusation and the rich last moments of his whole life were in the service of obtaining a state of normality. It becomes difficult to stop myself, I had to stop the lagging in my arms. The green space would have seen through it. For a moment we shared a feeling in his stomach, before that I told the prisoner not to talk about it anymore. The crime for which he died, he spoke infamously and repeatedly and with a powerful voice and for the short time he was taken away, however misplaced, it was a testament to the great advantages he had. "gods and devils are the same creations of a false spirit." The white power of my teeth and fingers made strange things with you. "You will not do that, you march and kill it, then you have to bring it back to life or die yourself." It is the clarity of the evidence that was given to me while I was pillaged, and I was free to go back with the cop, but he remained inflexible, continued to stick to his stubbornness to such heights that my lips and tongue stuck a blade of passion at you, the arms and body of mine, at the same time very pregnant. What child came out of her old armchair ?. I prayed on my knees a few meters away. let's hear the hell leave before your life is shit. What possible connection like the sudden rise in popularity of a hardened script which God was made flesh. His son is his loving obedience to God's own law never considered by him. "Why not?" You speak as I did when she checked my brains. They found that beautiful woman was waiting for you .. Sleep came but the dream was gone, I saw you engaged. thoughts of death threw him into violent pains. He was made man, husband and wife so they were comfortable and involved in controversy which now turns out to be of no consequence. While I ... "it's already good". The big man walked away, but the gentlemen stopped him. A notorious highwayman who concentrated on driving. He could wait, he decided. He had no money with him and I tried to believe that. I remember the words, with an open face, we are not like the masses of pagan worldly writers, but not so unlike the pain and stress you have brought to me. When you were told that. I would come my to intention after I had landed to start a magazine. But that idea was closed by you, taken away from my mind. One memory !, a memory of our meetings that were quite long. My comments were addressed to you but you were distracted and perhaps upset. I would tell them of their faults and shortcomings so that they would see where the sound came from? The antenna swung back and forth when you tried to find the best men who were faithful to your wish. You are accountable to the government that does not pay you to play games. You were informed and for a moment you stood there watching before you went to town. But to return to the thief, highwayman and friend "I can not leave this planet". you turned to me "where can we find an expert?" A house breaker who lets people draw their own conclusions and pleads guilty. I explained that after we had bought some dirty leather bags that were true to a few florins, the same value as our sovereign. Sincerely MMHZT.

Longbeard did not understand this at all. He also did not have time to read it all because the nine fish gods where over his little boat. Langbaard closed his laptop and went outside to talk to the gods. There were nine fish gods. Each with its own specialty: Betrayal, certainty, greed, jealousy, mission-creep, pain, recklessness, justification and drama. Certainty moved his enormous head to the pirate whom he politely greeted when he came out of his cabin. Long beard's senses were overwhelmed with smelly fish breath when Security asked him: "We want you to investigate a murder." This confused Langbaard. He did not know how to solve murders. "Why do you want me to do that?", "I have no idea how to do that" Mission creep said "You'll learn it soon enough, Here's some gold and diamonds to hire people to help you with your quest" The pirate was happy with the gold but disappointed that he had to give it to other people. He asked "and what do I get ?, if I do this?" Drama replied: "You get the love of your life back, the girl with the black top" The pirate fell to his knees of happiness but the fish gods did not give him time to enjoy his feelings. Pain said: "These are photos of the crime scene". Justification said: "study them well before you choose the people you need to solve the riddle". "I thought it was a murder," Langbaard thought in his head


Before longbeard got the chance to respond to the orders of the fish gods, they disappeared below sea level. The fisherwoman had arrived. She wanted revenge on the fish gods. She had thrown her fish hook in the middle of the school of fish gods when they were talking to Langbaard and they were shocked when that happened. The fisherwoman was so big that she could stand in the ocean and she came running through the water in the direction of Longbaard's ship to see if she had caught something. She was disappointed when she saw that was not the case and wanted to turn around to continue on her revenge mission when she saw langbaard's ship. She ducked under water and approached his ship unseen. Longbeard himself was very surprised at the sudden disappearance of the gods. "Maybe it's something I said, what do you think Archibald?" Archibald the parrot was too scared to answer because he saw the gigantic face of the fisherman on port side. Langbaard turned to see what the problem was and was so frightened that he kicked Archibald promptly overboard.Longbeard did not notice this. Archibald sank in the depths of the ocean. Long beard had other concerns at that time. "Who are you?" he asked.

Carefully the giantess lifted the boat out of the water on her strong and weathered hand and looked at the little pirate man. Then she said: "I am the fisherwoman .........." Longbeard looked at her confused. her voice sounded like a different kind of being, so supernaturally beautiful that no music could play it. her voice sounded like a silver bell, Her voice sounded like her sister's, Her voice sounded like music, Her voice sounded like a million tiny beeps, Her voice sounded like a screeching incantation of an oracle. her voice sounded like the wind on a spring morning. Loudly her voice sounded: "Do you want to hear my story?" Langbaard replied: "I have no objection". The fisherwoman warned him: "Let me warn you that if I tell you you will be so fascinated that you will link your destiny to mine and help me to get my justice and solve the mystery, but most of all I want you warn that if you do that a certain amount of danger is involved. " she looked at Longbeard in a fierce manner. "They say I am accustomed to danger, I have lived so long and so close to it that I have lost the feeling for it, you know it is there but you become indifferent ... In the end you do not even have to whistle in the dark even if you know what the danger is"

"Long ago" The fisherwoman started "I got 7 babies." "The nine fish gods forbade this and sent someone to the hospital to enslave them for his own use. This person was called Harlequino" Suddenly the fisherwoman started crying Oh, you've never seen anyone cry like that, and I hope you never have to go through that, big sobs, it seemed like she could not go on with her story. shiver passed over her body and she covered her eyes as if she wanted to remove a horrible image from her memory, her throbbing bites were hot with fever, her brain was tormented with images of despair and horror. It was too difficult to tell the story verbatim and that is why she placed the images telepathically in the mind of Longbeard.

The first of which was a man with green peak hair who ran into the hospital entrance with a revolver in his hand and syringes in his pockets. He was tall, thin, and moved like a cross between Groucho Marx and a flamingo. This was Harlequin He burst into the hospital like a crazy crazy maniacally smiling maniac.

He hit a door in a patients face with bloody results. The nurses and patients were terrified with this turbulence of danger and distraction.

Harlequin grabbed one of the doctors by the neck and placed his revolver on her head. "where is the baby department!" He whispered in her face. Afraid to be killed by this fool she told him where it was.

Raging through the corridor of the hospital he grabbed a doctor's coat and a stethoscope. He also pushed a patient with a broken leg aside.

Smiling maniacally he burst into the baby ward where the 7 babies of the fisherwoman lay.

He picked up a syringe and pointed his gun at the nurse present.

He shot her right in her face.

He grabbed a baby by his leg and used the syringe on him.

Then on another baby.

And two other babies received an injection.

when he had injected the 5th baby, a voice sounded dark and drowned in gloom. "Arlecchino ..." "stop" "put that baby down!"

In the window a spirit of fatigue with bat wings crouched still in place, a sword at his side. He looked like hell on his way to a party. Ready for the chaos. He was dressed in leather and his heart was sincere.

"Pipistrelli" shouted Arlecchino "My old friend". He threw his arms up because he was really happy to see his friend. True friendship does not inspire noble feelings.

Pipistrelli answered the warm greeting with a vicious kick in Arlecchino's face.

Arlecchino fell backwards but got a chance to catch his revolver. "Ha-ha, now I have you."

At the same time, the substance that Arlecchino injected into the babies began to work. Their limbs went through an unnatural growth spurt. This was not nice to look at. First the limbs grew one by one after which the baby's torso adjusted to muscle and skeletal growth.

At that time in the fisherman's story, the nine fishes had gathered their strength and nearly overcame their fear. They summoned a beautiful pigeon from their imagination. A powerful henchman known by the name Dowtrick Eel, A fleshy energetic pigeon and a real watchdog and implant for the machine that had worked with all the officers of the current school of fish and supervised small things which were properly equalized. It evoked gigantic waves that separated long-blooded beards and the fisherwoman. Langnek was disappointed. He had become curious about the end of the story of Pipistrelli and Arlecchino. The fisherwoman, on the other hand, was furious. When the pigeon let the large waves between blood-neck and the fisherwoman descend, she felt inclined to scream at the same speed as the boat washed away from her. But Longbeard was so far away that he no longer heard her. He looked around and missed someone. "where is my parrot?" he wondered.

Archibald had fallen into the cold and shark-infected waters of the newly-created ocean, and sunk descending deeper and deeper. The freezing cold took his breath and he knew he was dying. A strange distant voice sang this text as the parrot slowly glided down circled by sharks and other inhabitants of the sea.

In that dead hour of darkness before sunrise. Where the confused and diverging paths can lead. In various suffering for the name of parrot. Angry people in proud and hot jealousy and cold greed talk about death. Where cold grey water is located. And you look cold or cruel. A voice less cold and heavy than death. Next to the earth-cold figure of her child. As cold and hollow as the eye of death. A grave that they have dug so deep it will guide the depths of life. Roll through depths of cloud and light. Where the drives lie soft and deep in the silent loneliness. From fields far from whose watery cavities glisten. I see the ocean playing golf. The ocean flashes, hear his innocent roar. He makes it crazy or makes it grim. The pride that he has dug so deeply will face dead hours of darkness before the dawn. His hollow eye of death will let them see the ocean wave. Then he is mad or makes him grim. We see tangled and diverging paths leading to hot jealousy and cold greed. Oceans and divers ... bad men in conversations with death. Where are they now? less cold and heavy from death? We work for the name of the parrot. Where the cold mountains leave deviations soft and deep in the silent loneliness. And ... and ... innocent roar. Extremely cold or cruel murderers crying from clouds and clouds. Vote deep life and know the tension. I see various flashes next to fields far from whose watery cavities glisten. In the earth-cold figure of her child.


We go to the cold sea where Archibald the parrot slowly sinks down. He thinks his last hour has come. He asks himself aloud:

"Why do I sink?"

A random fish that swam in the neighbourhood answered:

"Because you are a bird"

Archibald exclaimed:

"I drown!"

To which a random Shark sarcastic replied:

"difficulty breathing?"

A mutated shark with a human face also joined in the discussion:

"There is something wrong with this sea, thank the nine, I have no opinion on this."

Another random shark babbled something that was irrelevant:

"I am afraid to get closer to the coast, because when the sons of the people see me, they will kill me."

Archibald, who did not want to be known, exclaimed:

"Polly wants a cake"

An eel living in the coral saw it all despondent:

"Why is there a parrot so deep in the sea ?, I can better warn my friend the diver to take a look at this, he will know what to do."

The diver thought for a moment and came up with the following plan:

"This is a unique situation, I think it's time to warn someone about it, we do not want parrots floating around here."

He went in search of one of the mermaids who are in the service of the queen of the sea.

"Thank you, Mr. Diver, I will report this to the Queen of the Sea so she knows what to do." Parrots do not belong in the sea to sink!"

The mermaid was much more troubled by the incident than she showed to the diver. He did come from the dry land.

"My beloved queen, an unfounded sinking parrot has been seen. Are there ways to prevent this attack from above? WHAT SHOULD WE DO !?"

The queen had chopped up with this axe before and reminded the mermaid to calm down:

"Calm my dear, we will seek guidance from the nine fish. They will tell us how to behave in a situation like this."

The wise old Octopus sitting next to the kings on a rock with the dead skeleton that whispered things to him from all times said:

"I, the squid say we should wait with warning the nine fishes until we know more about this parrot. I will use the dead skeleton to look at his past. Then we will be sure."

An unclear image appeared in the clear cold water of the sea. It was the parental home of Archibald. The house said:

"This is the house where the parrot was born. it has answered the call of the dead skeleton. What would you like to know?"

before a question could be asked, the worm living in the nest of the parrot that was in the rain gutter of the house.

"I, the worm who lived in the rain gutter of the house in his last litter, can tell you that his years in the egg were difficult." He wanted to leave before he was ready."

The unborn parrot spoke with stupid sounds from his egg.

"That was what happened, I came too early. My parents did not like that."

His father did not have much to say:

I am the parrot of this child. He had risen too early, but now I see that he has sunk deep. This is sad for me. I have no further useful information about this."

A female parrot who at once appeared from nowhere had interesting information about her relationship with Archibald's father:

"You cheated your wife and stole my egg and let your wife hatch my egg. You have no shame, old man."

The mother of Archibald had no trouble to honestly say what she had done:

"That is why I let his egg come out faster, I wanted to get rid of the little idiot as soon as possible." "

eventually Archibald ended up on the street. A street artist picked him up and trained him as a juggler, dancer and singer

"I picked him up from the street. The poor little thing. I let him dance and sing. He was good and made a decent amount of money so I had a fun It was possible to buy a puppet show, then he left me because he wanted to see the world with that slobbering idiot girl, stupid bird."

A girl who had to keep her saliva in now appeared in the picture. It was an uncomfortable sight for the queen of the sea. The girl spoke the following words:

" Archibald was nice, he did not like wearing clothes, but he could get away with it because he was a bird. After the robbery he let me die on a muddy road where I died from multiple stab wounds. That was not fun."

A garden gnome spoke:

"It must have been just after that we took him into our family" "Before he met us, I had a nice family of garden gnomes, when he left we were all in pieces. I have been glued together again thanks to the fish gods and saliva but have developed ornithophobia. It was a dark time to see him mimic an image in the garden. This took years. Then we rebelled."

"A Man with a rabbit in his hand, his brain and exposed to the open air and a train tunnel in his stomach had the following to tell about Archibald:

"For years he was a great man and a fellow traveller." He treated me as an equal instead of a man with a rabbit and a train for a gut. with an oven glove, which is remarkable for a parrot."

The images sped up: a random girl appeared:

"His betrayal was all the more cruel because I did not expect to be misled by a bird."

A bald woman with a very large dog:

"It was night, we were on a mission for the nine, he decides to go out for his own glory, and we almost died. luckily, the dog saved the day, I hate that bird"

A frightening big spider. hanging on a lamp post:

"As another animal I would say that I was rather jealous of his charm, humour and success with the female mammals. I do not know much about him because I only woven a web in a room where Archie was but it was a good web."

A different woman appeared:

"He always said that we are getting old, if we do not die earlier, we will just grow old. That was his justification for doing something."

A woman with a leashed fish:

" He gave me this woman. That was rather reckless because I like to eat people. And Archibald knew that. "

A man formed like an ice-cream who, dancing and singing, proclaimed:

"I am the dancing ice-cream, I am the dancing Ice-yo-yee-yeeeeee !!, I wanted more drama in my life and he gave it to me. That's what he did. He gave it ... something ... important to me. The bunny ... (too dramatic?, Lick me up and down and call me molten .....)"

Soon it became apparent what exacly was going on here:

"Now that I have appeared here in the depths of the parrot, it is certain that the parrot has gone mad for lack of oxygen in his brain, I am like an artificial table tent of an artificial uterus with a carnivalistic squid."

In the end, Longbeard appeared (without beard).

"I met Archibald when I bought my first ship and I needed a parrot to become a pirate. It is irritating that the governing bodies still insist on this practice. His prices were reasonable. As far as I'm concerned, he was a good parrot."

Archibald became very deep indeed, his thoughts reflected this

"I'm still sinking, but I'm not dead yet, a thought has come to mind and I want to live. It's a greedy thought. It takes my life. I can see it come closer."


If you do not understand where we are suddenly. This is the thought that Archibald talked about in the previous chapter. A radio in a truck. A commercial message is played:

"blacktop is the best on the ball, and that's why you're ..."

The co-driver's voice sounds

"Yawn ... This is boring."

Another channel with music is set up.

"tschch…. Hello….where is the mus…tschhshs…"

The lyrics of the successful song: "Pull his blood" Sounds in the truck cabin:

"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

There are two people in the truck. The light of the stars made their features stretchy and pale. They drive on a highway on the globe. The driver is a thin tall man. He was uncomfortable in his chair because he was too long. The other was a fat big man. They have been working for years at the same catering company that supplies a number of restaurants on the globe with stock. The driver tries to talk about what he thought where philosophical thoughts. He usually started these conversations with the sentence:

"Do you know what I am just realizing?"

The co-driver replied:


"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

and the driver continued:

"We drive a bunch of blood cows to a restaurant to be emptied."

"So what ?, That's our job, we've been doing it for more than 500 cycles."

the fat vampire replied.

"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

"Is not that a little cruel, they have consciousness"

The fat vampire looked incredulously

"They are animals, they do not have the same nerves as we got."

"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

"That is not true, they have fully developed brains when they are born."

"I do not care, it is their fault that they are so tasty."

"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

"It's really useless to have an intelligent conversation with you."

"Then stop trying."

"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

"I am bored, I have to do something to keep me occupied otherwise I will crash this truck"

"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

There was a painful silence of 3 minutes and 43 seconds

"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

followed by a big explosion in the distance. A big white flash Lit up everything white. Then a shock wave surrounded the globe. The radio went off the transmitter and said:


"kgggzkkfhfhskdkf kksskzkkkgghhhuikkuuuuuuiiiwkk ...... sqiu."

The tall driver closed his light-sensitive red eyes and shrieked:

"What the fuck?!"

The co-driver said:

"Wow ... That's a bright light"

The radio started broadcasting again:

"gzzgdgrgr ....... There has been an attack on the south side of the globe." The fish gods have protected us, No one was destroyed "

The driver who could now see the road again and prevented an accident with incredible precision and control of his senses and muscles said:

"I get very tired of that"

to which the co-driver replied:

"We will eventually have to deal with those people."

"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

"We must do absolutely nothing We have to deliver this cargo and then I can go home and you can do whatever you do in the city"

The co-driver looked up at that thought and looked at the driver with a smile:

"I fuck people and ... "

"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

The driver looked disapproving and stopped him right away:

"Okay, that's enough, if you're going to be disgusting again, let's stop talking."

The co-driver shrugged, laughed and lit a blacktop cigarette. Then there was only silence between the two

"The same goes for a vampire, sucking her victim, pulling his blood and his marrow, vampires letting them bleed, and dreaming it is something else? The soul is often a vampire for the body ... "

In the meantime high above the globe ... a vampire bat flutters back and forth searching for small flies and other food. He sees the floating snake fish when it is too late.

In the truck on the globe, the two catering staff are not aware of the drama that is happening above them. A painful silence still hangs between the two colleagues.

The bat vampire is suddenly attacked by 9 floating snake fish attacking with a fierceness and venom that you could hardly imagine. It was a wild madness of hatred and bloodlust.


The bat tried to keep flying with his torn wings and broken limbs, but that did not work anymore. He fell to the globe, wildly tumbling and turning. Groping for guidance. The 9 floating snake fish dropped him and went on. Looking for their next victim.

At that moment, the car of the two catering employees just drove under the fight in the air. There was still a deep heavy silence in the truck. It was brutally disrupted. The bat vampire fell straight down and banged the windshield. The co-driver was shocked when a batwing rat struck his van. Half dead and in a bloody star of safety glass. The driver was again rescued by his superior control over senses, muscles and stress. Their load was worth a great deal, he did not want to tell his boss that it was lost. ..." Fortunately they were almost at the restaurant.

The co-driver put his finger on the bat vampire and gave him a push to see if he was really dead. That appeared to be true. He opened the side window of the truck and grabbed it. He pulled it out of the hole in the windshield and through the side window. He closed the side window and put his razor-sharp teeth into the flesh of the bat vampire. The driver looked at him in disgust. The co-driver said with his mouth full of bloody meat: "I'm hungry".

The driver could only whisper "disgusting"


The truck pulls up to the backside of a restaurant, You can see the lights of the backs of the restaurant sign letters outlined in light. A cook is waiting backlit in a door opening. The cook is impatiently waiting for the delivery.

They open up the truck and inside are pallets with transparent boxes on them. inside the boxes are human babies. The cages are labeled with their bloodtype and other tastefull information.

"Why are you late?, I have got the elite of the globe in my restaurant and you are late"

The delivery vampires ignore the cook and go to work unloading the truck. Several pallets are unloaded. In the back of the truck there was one special box. This was the one the cook had been waiting for. The fat vampire carries it from the truck to the kitchen.

the cook says.

Hurry up!, bring it inside

The baby is hooked up to a special machine which slowly will bleed it dry. The blood of a baby of this special blood type is considered a delicacy among the vampires living on the globe.

To be continued...